Acting 360 is confidence and acting coaching for children (9+) and how they can apply those skills to life!

It’s the greatest sight in the world to watch children shine and grow in confidence as they take part in Acting 360. During the classes they get to play the characters / heroes from their favourite films, learn how to be present, have fun and play safely with other children, whilst developing a confidence and communication on camera, skills which they can apply to life. It’s a joy for us and it’s a joy for them!

Classes are taught on Zoom either on a 1-2-1 basis or in groups of up to 10.

What we teach:

  • Trusting in themselves and others.
  • Easy ways to play and be safe online.
  • Acting practice with scenes / characters from their favourite films.
  • Confidence and clear communication on camera.
  • How these skills transfer to everything!

What they learn:

  • Learning to be more present.
  • Easy methods for being great communication and having fun.
  • Amazing confidence on screen and in general.
  • Reassurance, encouragement and inspiration.
  • New ways of learning and having fun!