My total enchantment with film began as a four year old watching ‘Star Wars,’ and ‘Mary Poppins.’ that created a world of magic, that inspired me beyond words. To be able to share the magic of film with young people now is a great privilege.

As an actor, I’ve appeared in over 25 short films, including ‘A Cup of Tea’ shot in Italy and ‘Joseph Turns 42’ shot in the south of France. I played the lead in Brit Flick feature , ‘Eden Lodge’, the lead in ‘Cornered’ and Co-lead and narrating mockumentary feature ‘Poison Arrows,’ screening at the New York Independent Film Festival in June 2022. I’ve also been in plays across London and a nationwide tour of a children’s play.

I’ve also been involved in casting young people in a number of films and have worked with casting directors in the room, to read in with and bring out the best in their auditions. I also work on set with young people during the shoots, to keep them calm and inspired.

I LOVE working with young people provide inspiration and encouragement and be inspired by them too! It is a lot of fun and brilliant to apply these skills to life. I can also juggle, really badly and I’m happy to demonstrate! 😉


Founder, Acting 360