My total enchantment with film began as a four year old watching ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Mary Poppins,’ and watching a host of classic British comedies on television. The magic of the screen opened a whole new world I dreamt of becoming a part of: A dream that became a reality and an acting career after training at the prestigious Drama Centre in London.

Prior to my acting career, I travelled the world for a period of time visiting many countries in Central and South America before returning home to spend several years working as a Broadcast Journalist for ITN and then a producer at BBC Television Centre.

During the 12 years working as an actor, I’ve appeared in many plays across London and a Nationwide tour of a children’s play. I’ve been in 25 short films including, ‘A Cup of Tea’ shot in Italy and ‘Joseph Turns 42’ shot in the south of France as well as 10 feature films, playing the lead in Brit Flick, ‘Eden Lodge’, as well as the lead in ‘Cornered’ and Co-lead in mockumentary feature ‘Poison Arrows,’ which I just finished shooting in London and New York.

I’m told I’m a funny, enthusiastic and charismatic chap and I LOVE working with students of all ages to bring the best out of them and provide the same inspiration and encouragement I’ve found through acting and how those skills can be applied to life. On top of all this I can juggle, really badly and I’m happy to demonstrate! 😉

Look forward to acting with you!