My daughter Mia had the pleasure to play Ben’s daughter in a film. Ben was extremely professional and fun. They had a very productive weekend filming together and Mia loved learning with him in each scene. We highly recommend Ben. He is a complete actor and great with children. Mia cannot wait to work with Ben again.

Karinna, mother of Mia Hemerling (11), ‘The Aeronauts’ & ‘The Personal History of David Copperfield.’

I have known Ben for over ten years and has aided me with many self-tapes. What always strikes me about him is that he pays a lot of attention to detail and the commitment he gives to help me getting the best tape possible. He’s honest and gives feedback in a gentle way and it’s obvious that he enjoys what he’s doing. He’s very intelligent and very funny and knows how to put people at ease.

Cathy Tyson, Golden Globe nominated star of ‘Mona Lisa.’

A dear friend and a very fine actor, when not treading the boards or up in front of the camera, Ben helps many others with their auditions and self-tapes to great effect. He’s a super nice guy too!

Paul Webster, Producer ‘Atonement’ & ‘Pride & Prejudice.’

Not only is Ben a highly skilled actor, he is also a gifted teacher, infusing every lesson with energy, enthusiasm and invaluable knowledge for how to become a better actor. I highly recommend him!

Sarah Drew, Writer & Film Producer, ‘Justine.’

Ben’s total single-mindedness, outstanding ability and personal charm combine to make a very potent mix. Moreover, these gifts, it appears to me, are guided and tempered by an astute political-intelligence and a rare degree of compassion. His use of language and the degree of presence he brings on to the stage and in front of the camera makes him shine like a beacon. Ben brings the same degree of passionate focus to his teaching as he brings to his theatrical and camera work, and I cannot recommend this man highly enough.

Gerard Logan, Oliver Award Nominee for the RSC, National Theatre.

Ben helped us immensely when we needed a coach for our film, he is very generous, very easy to work with and is very happy to contribute ideas, in essence he puts everyone at their ease. A joy to work with and I am looking forward to the next job already.

Mandy Steele, Casting Director & BAFTA member.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ben and he has so many great ideas and indications on how to best approach a scene, especially the difficult ones over the internet. His input helped me create a great scene. I would definitely go back to working with him any time. He is patient and kind and he knows how to guide you to get the best result. 

Florina Valeanu, Actress.